You love traveling, having experience and live your life to the foulest but there are some times in you life that you sit in your room which is foul of luggage and suitcases and you need some rest... You look around, you think, think and think again and you ask your self is there a point..??? Or the only thing you need now is to make your ship to catch a port and settle down.. This moment in your life you need just the people you love stay with you to make you a hug and just to sit and look at them until you fall asleep... And maybe then the next morning will be more brighten and will give you the courage to fight again and to follow your dreams... Conclusion you can't be always alone and independent you need LOVE... And don't forget the best travel in your life will be through memories you have with the people you love...
P.S: now I'm going to take my clothes from my suitcase... Goodnight....



 Admirable celebrities as Julianne Moore, Helena Christensen, Sarah Jessica Parker, Doutzen Kroes and Paul Reubens speak on camera for the cooperation of Maison Matin Margiela with H&M, during the party on the evening of the 23rd of October in New York, to celebrate the new collection...!!!